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Janice Cox


Janice is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Arizona. She has a master’s degree in counseling from Liberty University and specializes in integrating psychology and theology together when you need or prefer faith-based counseling. Janice believes that trauma informed care is paramount when working with individuals who have experienced trauma. She utilizes Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy when working with victims of trauma. Janice has extensive experience in crisis stabilization and long-term therapy. She has extensive experience in parenting and is Triple P certified. Janice has worked with many children and families in the foster-care system and other state-aid families where she provided play therapy, sand tray therapy and cognitive behavior therapy. Janice is committed to the care and professional development of North Pointe Services' interns who are completing their master's degree programs. Janice welcomes feedback and questions at any time.

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Natalie Kaska

Licensed Associate Counselor

Natalie graduated from Grand Canyon University with a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She currently holds an associate license with the state of Arizona. She has a background in education and social work and has worked in child welfare since 2012. She is passionate about coming alongside individuals and families in seasons of pain and difficulty and supporting them as they grow stronger and overcome what once held them down. She has experience with difficult behaviors, ADHD, parenting struggles, trauma, and different diagnoses. Natalie is a follower of Jesus and welcomes the opportunity to provide counseling from a faith-based perspective. She sees this as a lifelong calling and is proud to be part of what God is doing through North Pointe Services.  


Shannon Paschall

Shannon is a counseling intern who is completing her master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Grand Canyon University.  She has her Bachelor's degree in Educational Studies from Grand Canyon University and has worked as a kindergarten teacher. Her passion is to assist children and families with mental health issues, particularly incorporating play therapy and cognitive behavior therapy.  Shannon is passionate about mental health and is looking forward to serving the community around her.

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Abigail Jimenez

Hello! My name is Abigail Jimenez, I am currently working towards a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Grand Canyon University. I am also fortunate to be a First-Grade teacher, where I find immense fulfillment. Working with children of all ages has always been my passion, I have a desire to help children and families communicate thoughts and feelings in meaningful ways. It is important to me to offer support and direction, making sure you have the resources you need to manage your journey and accomplish your goals. My objective is to provide a welcoming environment where you may freely explore your inner world and give you the confidence to overcome obstacles. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey toward well-being and self-discovery.


Angelo Khammo

Angelo is a counseling intern who is completing his master’s degree of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Grand Canyon University. He has completed his bachelor’s degree in Psychology where he has gained a significant understanding of the many factors that play an important role in human behavior. Angelo’s diverse background gives an exceptional well-rounded view of the different influences including culture, social, and also ethnic background, that make us all unique in our own significant way. His passion is to assist a wide range of individuals starting from adolescents to adulthood in multiple diverse settings to serve the community and be part of spreading positive wellness using therapeutic techniques. Angelo is here to support and help individuals that are seeking counseling services to gain insight in the direction they would like to be.


Lindsey Byrom

Hello! My name is Lindsey. I am currently working towards a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Grand Canyon University. I am passionate about working with people of all ages and varying needs in individual, couples, and family counseling. I have experience in helping teen girls and young adult women find their way in a sometimes-confusing world. I feel honored to be in this role and to walk alongside you in your healing journey. I will focus on being your advocate during the counseling process, making sure that your therapeutic needs are met, and you are feeling heard. I aim to provide an open and non-judgmental environment where questions and feedback are encouraged. I am a follower of Christ and can provide faith-based counseling. I have a strong desire to show others the love of Christ especially in their deepest needs.


Reagan Bertenshaw

Reagan is a counseling intern in the process of obtaining a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Grand Canyon University. She recently graduated from GCU with a bachelor's degree in communication. She has experience as a nanny, a private aid for children with Autism, and in higher education as an enrollment specialist for GCU's online division. Reagan is passionate about providing support to children and families with mental health challenges. She cares for those of all ages and looks forward to serving in the community around her.

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